Heating and Cooling with Geothermal Energy

HVAC Contractors

Connecticut Wells specializes in geothermal well drilling and ground looping for residential and commercial projects of all sizes. We partner with HVAC contractors in designing and installing geothermal heating and cooling systems. We work with large and small contractors and have the experience, staff and equipment to help you complete a geothermal system that meets the highest standards of quality in the trade. Feel free to view our projects and speak to our customers. Then give us a call if we can help.

The Geothermal Opportunity

As fuel prices continue to rise, your clients are probably becoming more aware of alternate ways to heat and cool their homes. As a result, your business may have experienced a dramatic drop in service calls and installations over the past two years. More and more HVAC contractors are considering geothermal drilling as a way to diversify and grow revenues. As the premier geothermal driller in the Northeast, Connecticut Wells works closely with HVAC contractors who want to change their focus from fossil fuels to “greener” technologies.

Using Heat Loss Studies to Plan Geothermal Drilling

Most HVAC contractors already conduct heat loss studies on customers’ homes. These same studies can be used to “size” homes for geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Once a heat loss measurement is provided to Connecticut Wells, we assist in designing a well field necessary to meet the building’s geothermal drilling needs. Once the wells are in place, Connecticut Wells provides the lines through the building’s foundation wall, whether individual or reverse-returned.

IGSHPA Certification and Geothermal Drilling Experience

Your geothermal drilling contractor should be certified with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and have experience installing geothermal heating and cooling systems. Connecticut Wells has both: we are certified through IGSHPA and the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

Whether it’s a small house needing two or three wells or a larger commercial project requiring 50 to 60 wells, Connecticut Wells can provide all the exterior service needed for your geothermal heating and cooling system projects.