Heating and Cooling with Geothermal Energy


Residential Geothermal Installations CT

  • drilling for geothermal heating and cooling systems, including open loop, closed loop and standing column wells up to 12 inches in diameter
  • geothermal loop installation into existing wells or new wells
  • horizontal tie-in services – if another well driller has drilled the boreholes, we are available to tie the lines into the building.
  • thermal conductivity testing
  • grouting geothermal wells – Connecticut Wells has several crews available for this service; using grout products offered by Geo-Pro, we are capable of delivering thermal conductivity values from .85 to 1.2 thermal BTUs/hour
  • Water well drilling – domestic and municipal water wells
  • water well repair
  • hydro-surge – forces liquid under pressure through natural cracks and fissures in the bedrock, opening them to allow water into the well bore
  • well abandonment using the same technique used for grouting geothermal wells
  • Well inspections using video equipment to log wells and water bearing formations